Have you considered the risks your client’s Officers, Directors and Management face?

In today’s climate of geopolitical flux, climate change and social policy, and the subsequent need for transparency and accountability from business and their boards, it’s essential to protect yourself, as a company’s decision maker, from potential legal claims that could come from various sources, such as – employees, regulators, shareholders, creditors, and customers.

With ever-changing regulations and heightened awareness of employment legislation, directors can find themselves increasingly vulnerable, leading to a surge in claims and potential costly settlements.

Our team is ready to support like-minded brokers throughout the UK with specialist insurance placements, for their clients. We can ensure your clients get a suitable and competitive D&O policy tailored to their needs and limits of indemnity.


Management Liability Policy – This type of policy extends the D&O cover to include the following covers:

Corporate Liability

The main purpose of a corporate liability insurance policy is to provide financial protection for the business entity. Whether they’re the consequences of a real or alleged Wrongful Act, the policy will pay for:

  • the cost of your defence
  • legal fees
  • investigation costs (e.g. FCA, HMRC etc.)
  • settlement fees

A variety of different claims can be covered by the policy, including everything from a breach of contract to Corporate Manslaughter, and beyond. These claims may arise from a business partner, supplier, employee, customer, investor, competitor, or even a shareholder. Essentially, anyone who claims they have committed an illegal or ‘wrongful’ act.


Crime insurance typically aims to cover losses resulting from fraud committed by employees and third parties in certain circumstances as prescribed by the policy terms and conditions. This type of insurance is intended to cover the unavoidable risk associated with companies entrusting employees with their assets.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability, or EPL insurance as it’s also known, provides peace of mind for a business against claims emanating from their workforce: past, present, and future, where they believe their employment legal rights are or have been violated.  EPL insurance can protect against litigation, including claims of sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination of employment.

Breaches of employment law can have a serious financial impact on a company.  EPL Insurance is designed to protect both a company and its employees in the event they are faced with allegations of an employee’s rights being violated. The insurance covers the cost of defence, settlements and judgments associated with such claims.


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