Cyber threats can significantly impact any organisation. Incidents like Ransomware attacks continue to be one of the most significant, serious and organised cybercrime threats faced by the UK.

As businesses pivot to digital, there’s a rising demand for solid cyber coverage. Data breaches, unauthorised access, or cloud vulnerabilities can jeopardise not just tech operations but also brand and considerable financial outlay. The potential disruption to businesses can be substantial.

Cybercrime also poses a serious threat to business cash flows and come in several guises:  Social engineering, this comes in several guises from phishing, spurious generic emails exploiting human error to harvest credentials or spread malware, usually via infected email attachments or links to malicious websites.  Spear phishing, this is  a type of phishing campaign that targets a specific person or group and often will include information known to be of interest to the target, such as current events or financial documents.  Smishing, Smishing is a phishing cybersecurity attack carried out over mobile text messaging, also known as SMS phishing.  The modern day business are under a constant barrage of criminal organisations and individuals wanting to steal your hard earned money/assets.

Arden can help you as a broker with specialist insurance placements for your clients. We understand the intricate landscape of cyber insurance and are committed to helping you secure the broadest coverage for your clients.

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