Fire safety doesn’t have to be complicated – we make it easy

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement and ensure that your building or workplace is examined systematically to reduce the risk of fire.

Our Fire Safety Consultants are approved by the Institution of Fire Engineers as registered Fire Risk Assessors. They will carry out thorough risk assessments of your organisation, to make managing your compliance with fire regulations as easy as possible.

Arden can support your organisation with a number of proactive fire safety management services. Our team will carry out fire risk assessments with you which will include:

  • Examining the fire hazards around your workplace for sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen
  • Identifying the people at risk from a potential fire
  • Evaluating the risk of a fire occurring, taking into account fire protection measures, firefighting equipment, escape routes, maintenance programs, etc.
  • Developing your evacuation plan
  • Establishing your fire safety training needs
  • Providing fire safety training, where appropriate
  • Working with you to ensure that cost-effective solutions are developed

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